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What Happens If You Die Without A Will In Pennsylvania?

  • You Lose Your Right To Decide Who Gets Your Estate And In What Proportions - You Are "Stuck" With What The Pennsylvania Legislature Decided Should Happen To Your Property
  • You Lose Control Over How And How Much Of Your Money Is Spent On The Young Children You Leave Behind
  • Once A Child Reaches Age 18 - There Will Be No Control Over Any Property That The Pennsylvania Legislature Decided Passes to That Child - Even If The Child Is Not Financially Mature And Responsible
  • If The Other Parent Of Your Minor Child Is Not Alive - You Lose The Right To Select A Guardian For That Child - Some Pennsylvania Judge Will Decide For You
  • You Lose The Right To Select The Executor Of Your Estate - Some Pennsylvania Judge Will Appoint An Administrator Based On Rules The Pennsylvania Legislature Created Years Ago - Perhaps A Stranger Or Even Your Creditor Will Be Your Estate Administrator
  • You May Have Lost An Opportunity To Save Substantial Taxes And Your Family May End Up With Less Money From You
  • If You Have A Living Trust But Failed To Put All Your Property In That Trust - You Will Have Lost Your Right To Control Who Gets That Property

Warning - This document is for informational purposes only - it is not legal advice. Your own particular circumstances may change the statements set forth above. For example, if you have a "Living Trust" that you created during your lifetime, many of these issues may have been addressed there. We recommend that you consult with an attorney before taking any action in reliance on any statement contained here.

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