Family Law

The return of Dawn Sunday to the firm has allowed us to reintroduce a comprehensive family law practice to our client services. Dawn has practiced family law for over thirty years. Her family law practice includes divorce, child custody, support, distribution of property, marital settlement agreements, post-divorce disputes and adoption.  Dawn also engages in mediation of divorce and other family disputes. At times, family law involves other areas of the law. Estate planning after a divorce is crucial and attorneys Marc Jaffe and Matthew Gilbert are both able to counsel about-to-be divorced and recently divorced persons about necessary changes to their wills, powers of attorney, etc. Avoiding disputes and contentious issues is also important and both Dawn and Marc have extensive experience in prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Although the firm has a comprehensive family law practice, the firm's divorce practice is limited to collaborative divorce. Dawn is a trained collaborative divorce law attorney with many years of experience in employing that path to achieve a better result for her clients. The collaborative family law process is an alternative to time consuming and expensive litigation that is often counter-productive. Dawn was one of the early adopters of this method in Pennsylvania and helped establish one of the initial collaborative law groups in the state - in central Pennsylvania. She believes that this process allows her clients to (i) retain control over decision-making, (ii) focus on meeting their short and long term needs and goals with high quality resolutions and (iii) establish co-parenting relationships that are essential to promote the well-being of children. Dawn has trained other attorneys in the collaborative method and has lectured on the subject.

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